Alex Morrow (djcomet) wrote in worms,
Alex Morrow

Worms 4: Mayhem is here!

There seems to be an extreme lack of posts in here lately so I thought I might try to liven it up.

What does everyone think of Worms 4: Mayhem? I got it for Christmas and I'm really impressed! I own also Worms 3D and I thought it was an interesting change from the 2D versions. It seemed a bit incomplete and lacking (especially online).

Worms 4 is such an improvement over Worms 3D. Tons of new weapons, configurable controls and TONS of customizable options! There are loads of different items you can use to personalize your worms (head, eyes, mouth, and hands) and some you earn within missions and other challenges. You can create your own weapon with tons of different options (clusters, homing, etc).

I've had so much fun just playing Story mode for now as not many people are online playing it (which saddens me) but hopefully that will change. I hope the very few of you that are members here pick this up because it's a very good game despite it being 3D and not 2D.
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