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Worms World Party!

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This is a community for players of the computer game "Worms World Party", or any of the other versions of the 'Worms' series games such as: "Worms 2", "Worms Armagaedon", "Worms Blast!" etc. etc.

Please join and feel free to post news about updates concerning a new Worms release from Team 17, tips, secrets(?), cool screen shots, match requests, sound banks, anything cool!

If you need me, landmineyouth is my livejournal name. I am not very computer game savy, this is esentialy the only computer game I play, so don't ask me about other games. Im also on the Worms World Party UK network (but i live in USA, Florida) at night sometimes in the #AnythingGoes channel under the user name LandmineYouth so come and have some fun.

** Also thanks to brgbud2001 for helping me create this community and to zacwolf for the code. **
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