CJ Taylor (gamesociety) wrote in worms,
CJ Taylor

WWP Sold Out package

Man, I Haven't played WWP in years, so I purchased a copy from Team 17. Obviously you don't just go to your local store and buy it anymore. It's now packaged by a company called "Sold Out" and they have this game locked down like Alcatraz. Wanted to play the game on a local network but CD is required. Alcohol 120% won't make a successful image. Didn't know if anyone has had any experience with this? Old No-CD cracks won't work. Ugh! Bought one legitimate CD because that's only right. But I don't know about multiple purchases from the UK for a local game that's almost a decade old. Any suggestions?

On another note, anyone still play and interested in some worm carnage? :)
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every ISO trick I tried still require the cd to play.. no big deal just burn a few copies and your good to go.