didi mow (firemosa) wrote in worms,
didi mow

hey all!

Ok I'm a long time Worms player who hasn't played since the Worms 2 era: which as I remember- was the perfect game.

Now Ive got worms armageddon, and I am extremely frustrated by the fact that I cant change the options. Everytime I do, I exit and then go to play a quick game against the CPU. When the game starts, default options are used.

Can somebody please help me here? I press "save" and "exit" after making my own options scheme. Then go onto quick game, and it just ignores my options.


Making it so I can select my worm, time is a little longer, and tweaking some other things make the game about 1000% more fun to me. So this pisses me off. hrlp!
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