sumobob2 (sumobob2) wrote in worms,


I'm curious...I've been playing worms for quite a while. Worms 3D isn't really my style, so I'm mostly talking about the 2D versions. I've found that I've become quite good with every aspect of the game except the artillery (Bazooka and Grenade style weapons). I've been doing a little forced training with them to try to improve that aspect, but I find myself being severely challenged by level 2 and 3 computer teams. Do the rest of you guys do very much in your games with the artillery? Or would you all say it's pretty normal to have an aversion to using them?
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I find grenades are really usefull when you don't have a direct line of site to the victim and just need to lob away.

Bazookas are useful when you learn how to judge the wind effect and how to estimate where the bazooka will land. Firing into the wind to knock an opponent who is beyond your LOS is a nifty trick. Also try to use them to achieve your goals rather than just blowing the worms up. For example, realize that an explosion at the base of the worm may knock him into the sea, making the bazooka a one shot killl weapon, rather than just 30-40 points of damage.
thanks. It's taking some work, but I'm getting there.