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Alo, salut...

"I say, check this oot!"

Hi there fellow ground dwellers! My name's Stacey, I'm 17, from the United Kingdom (yeah, that's the land of dirty hospitals), and I come to share my love for Worms 3D in particular. I find that an awesome game since I picked up a copy last week - I mean, I love setting a vocal accent for my team (ATM it's the Geordie voice, I love that!). Otherwise, I've played the original Worms game on Nintendo Game Boy...well, I don't like that as much as 3D ^^ and that's about it really. I hope to stick around and slowly build up and share my new interest with all you lot.

And now, I have a present:

http://www.deviantart.com/view/7936425/ This is the first digital fan art of Worms 3D I've made, and sorry you have to click the link people - I have friends on that site that have been banned for hot linking.

Stacey W.
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